Butler 4.0 for Qlik Sense is out!

Butler 4.0 for Qlik Sense is out!
Photo by Tuva Mathilde Løland / Unsplash

Butler adds various features to Qlik Sense Enterprise (the Windows server version), making it easier to develop, maintain and operate Qlik Sense environments and apps.

Butler is open source software.

Full docs, getting started guide available at butler.ptarmiganlabs.com.

The new version has a bunch of new features, including

  • A powerful task scheduler. Think Cron for Qlik Sense tasks.
    Need to run a reload every 15 minutes between 8 am and 10 am on the 4th day of every 3rd month? No problem!
  • A key-value store. A what, you may say?
    It’s really simple, really.
    Sense apps can store key-value pairs in Butler 4.0, using its REST API. Think of it as a way to stash away something you might need later.
    …which opens up all sorts of possibilities – such as unlimited parameter passing between tasks in reload chains. Like QlikView’s task chaining, but better.
    Oh you can set ttl (time-to-live) for KV pairs too, to make them auto-delete when the ttl expires. Handy.
  • Sending notifications for task failures to MS Teams, in addition to Slack and email.
  • Swagger API docs included in Butler itself.
    Start Butler and you get a full Swagger interface through which you get both API docs and a way to test the Butler REST API on your own server. Very cool.
  • Uptime and memory usage monitoring of Butler itself. Might seem like a detail, but is very important if you’re responsible for the ongoing operation of tools and micro-services like Butler.