Netgear RN312 firmware upgrade 6.0.6 to 6.0.8

Firmware 6.0.8 just became available for the x86 based Netgear NASes. Interestingly enough, it is called “firmware” version, but to me (and others familiar with electronics and embedded systems) a firmware is low-level software running directly on the CPU/MCU. Maybe there are such components in the Netgear firmware too, but most part seems to be just updates to the NAS’ Linux environment (or more specifically: to the Debian Wheezy packages).

Anyway, that’s mainly semantics. My worry was that the upgrade would overwrite the 3rd party software I had previously installed (htop, tmux and CrashPlan).

Turns out there was no need to worry. All three works flawlessly also after the “firmware” upgrade. Nice.