Time to move

Time to move
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Update 2023-Feb-1: All comments have now been migrated from the old site.

A self-hosted Wordpress setup has served this site well as the hosting platform since it was launched many years ago.

"Self-hosted" can however (too often..) be synonymous with "extra work", "maintenance" and "upgrades-that-fail".
Time to move on.

When you read this the site has been moved to a new home, running on ghost.
It's hosted, it's modern, it's flexible. And it's possible to migrate from Wordpress.

Welcome to a new start for ptarmiganlabs.com!

Become a member - it's free!

Sounds like the worst phishing attempt ever... sorry about that.

But there's something to it. By becoming a member at ptarmiganlabs.com you

  • can ask questions and participate in discussions at ptarmiganlabs.com.
  • get Ptarmigan Labs' newsletter. Which is not overly spammy, a dozen or so messages per year. It's for example a great way to be notified when things happen around the Butler family of open source tools.

Becoming a member is easy, just click the "Subscribe" button in the lower right corner and follow the instructions.
If you change your mind it's equally easy to leave unsubscribe.

A comment about comments

All posts have been moved over from the old site, the comments are however still work in progress.

Most likely we'll create accounts in the new site for those users that have contributed with comments to the old site.

This means that the sign-on process to the new site for these users will be super simple.
Just use your regular email address to log in, you'll then get a login email within a minute or two. Click the link in that email and you're in.

Other things being worked on is the tagging of old posts, adding  a few static pages that were present on the old site and fine-tuning the visuals of the new site.

The old site - including comments - is still available at https://old.ptarmiganlabs.com

Current newsletter subscribers will be migrated

Ptarmigan Labs current newsletter will most likely be shut down in favor of ghost's built-in newsletter feature.

Subscribers of the old newsletter will automatically get accounts on the new ptarmiganlabs.com site.

This means that a single membership/subscription at ptarmiganlabs.com makes it possible to participate in discussions as well we receving the newsletter.

Are YOU moving on?

Don't want to receive the newsletter any more?
Interests have shifted and no longer interested in being a member at ptarmiganlabs.com?

Just reach out to support <at> ptarmiganlabs <dot> com and we'll work it out.
Or cancel the membership right here on the site.